• Wifi for Hotel

    The Best and Simple mode to provide the GUEST Wifi Connection

  • Self-Checkin

    Concierge APP for Hotel,Web content for order your breakfast or lunch in your room

  • Scan the Qr-Code and Browse

    Engage every people with push notification

Why WUAO HotSpot ?

How to use WUAO Wifi is very simple: download the WUAO App on your smartphone from the Google and Apple Store, scan the QR Code that you find displayed on the premises and you will automatically be connected to the Internet network by surfing without any limit and, using the services offered.

See the WIFI like never before

The first HotSPOT that applies to any Wifi network without changing the existing network and spending money unnecessarily. The service is sold as an annual fee to the managers who will be able to offer their customers the Wifi connection in a nice and fun way. In exchange for the user, the customer agrees to receive communications via digital notifications (not e-mail or SMS, but Push notifications). Wuao allows you to simplify access to your WIFI network by offering personalized content and communication via notifications.

How to Use

How to use WUAO Wifi is very simple: First install the WUAO application on your smartphone by downloading it from Google and Apple stores. Scan the QR Code you will find on display in the room. Automatically you will be connected to the Internet, you can surf without any limit, use services and receive real-time information on promotions, activities to do, and so on. Everything without leaving any personal information (NO Facebook, NO mail, NO contacts in general). Only later if you want to participate in the promotions you can subscribe to the WUAO Community without costs and without any commitment.


All in one App for iOS and Android to provide Wi-Fi within fairs and events with access to advertising, promotions, coupons and more.EXCHANGE OF DIGITAL VISIT TICKETS.

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Self Checkin

Housed WUAO checkin-automatic a solution that can simplify the procedure of sending telematic housed files. With “accommodated-WUAO”, guests of your facility can enter their data before their arrival through our App: the available data will be uploaded and transmitted directly … Read More

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WUAO renews the graphics

A completely customizable graphics with the style of the location and features that make the service unique.

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